Thursday, 6 December 2007

10 Great Questions To Ask As You Self-Audit

I have borrowed these from my good friend Jeremy's blog. You can check his blog out by clicking HERE.

The ten questions leadership guru John Maxwell regularly asks himself provide a helpful springboard for a self-audit …

1. Am I investing in myself? This is a personal growth question.

2. Am I Genuinely Interested In Others? This is a motive question.

3. Am I Doing What I Love and Loving What I Do? This is a passion question.

4. Am I Investing My Time with the Right People? This is a relationship question.

5. Am I Staying in My Strength Zone? This is an effectiveness question.

6. Am I Taking Others to a Higher Level? This is a mission question.

7. Am I Taking Care of Today? This is a success question.

8. Am I Taking Time To Think? This is a leadership question.

9. Am I Developing Leaders? This is a legacy question.

10. Am I Pleasing God? This is an eternity question

What questions do you elevate yourself with?
I'd love to hear your comments!

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Anonymous said...

One more to add when doing anything - 'In who's strength am I trying to do this'? Some things I cannot do alone but need to lean on God for. This question often helps me to take a look at myself and realign my focus. Doing so can ease fear and doubt about whether I can do something if it starts to creep in.