Friday, 14 August 2009

Taking Delegation To A Whole Nutha Level!

I was surfing the other night and I found this incredible blog and web site of Soul City Church. They are a church plant that is looking to launch in early 2010 and are trusting God For $800K to launch. Jarrett & Jeanne Stevens have a big dream and big hearts to go with it.
Their web site is amazing! Check it out HERE.
To give you a taste of whats on their blog I have one of their posts below. Want to see more of their blog posts... click HERE.

Last week I (Jeanne) hit one of those common walls that leaders hit. I looked at my to-do list and realized there were far too many boxes to check than I had hours left in my day. I confess that I am an activator and achiever and so often my first response is to come up with as many possible ways to push past the gift of my human limits and throw on my superwoman cape of capacity and power through. But I know that when I do that it leaves me feeling more exhausted, lacking in inspiration, impatient, and ultimately unsatisfied.

Every day I awake to a list of tasks that are calling out to me to accomplish them. I don’t suspect that there is a day in my near future when there will be nothing on the list. Starting a church, leading a ministry, raising a family, and following a dream happens through the constant accomplishing of tasks and goals one day at a time. But it should never be done alone. I know that if I am the only one looking at the list and tackling the list I am breaking one of our Core leadership Values for the staff & volunteers of Soul City Church.

Doing less is Doing more! Always be looking for someone that you can develop into leadership by giving away appropriate authority instead of developing a follower by giving away a task.

Far too many church leaders are burning out and giving up because they only give away tasksnot authority. Maybe you have hit this wall too – maybe you’re at it right now. My hunch is that there are some amazing people right around you that are hungry to lead with you, not just accomplish a task.

So how can you DO MORE by DOING LESS this week?

Wow, this post was a challenge to me! Handing out tasks is simple... but ultimately gets you no-where. This will definitely take my leadership to a new level.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and lets get the conversation rolling.

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Jarrett Stevens said...

Thanks for the love and support.
This is something we are constantly learning from God and trying to get right.
We're honored to be connected to our family in the NZ!

Jarrett and Jeanne