Sunday, 21 December 2008

We All Need Somebody!

Just this Saturday I had planned to take my son for a horse ride. Everyone loves horse riding right... except Ethan really wasn't keen. He kept making excuses about something that happened when he was at kindi... which I can't remember. Anyways... he was really sure that this was a terrible idea and he was going to have no part in it.

I constantly tried to encourage him that it would be fun, that he would be like a cowboy, that he would be so grateful that he gave it a go... he still wasn't buying it.
So I just took him anyway.

He loved it!
I walked with him and in just a few minutes he had gained the confidence to tell me that he no longer wanted me with him on his horse ride.
And at the end of the horse ride... he was already trying to book in the next lesson!

It got me thinking... in life we all tend to shrink back when we need to push forward. New experiences (or risks as we like to call them) can scare us off, but if we have someone to come alongside of us, to encourage us... and even thrust us into the new experience (opportunity) [even though we may be kicking and screaming].
We all need these people in our lives. But the important question is... do we all have people in our lives like this?

How have you or other people done this for you?
Leave a comment and help us to learn from you.

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