Wednesday, 16 July 2008

God Speaks To Me In The Movies (Antwone Fisher)

I am a pragmatic man by nature. I like to work on practical things to move forward. I hate excuses, especially lame ones where people try to play the victim and blame everyone else.
Being pragmatic I like to press forward. But sometimes in order to move forward, we must press backward. We must deal with our past then and only then can we march forcefully and triumphantly forward into our destiny.

I just watched a phenomenal movie called Antwone Fisher. Its a 2002 / 3 movie that Denzel Washington acted in and directed. The movie shows the journey of a young navel man who journeys back into his past and is able to move forward because of it. Its a great movie about redemption, forgiveness, family, mentoring and self esteem.
Its sooo good that I cried! Do yourself a favor and get this movie out!


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