Friday, 4 July 2008

Are You Living In Babylon? Part 3

How you doing? I have been trying to go to bed earlier because of this documentary that I was watching about sleep. They were insistent that 6hrs sleep was not enough and that we needed at least 8. Well I never rarely get more than 6hrs... I'm usually in bed between the hours of 12:30am and 1:30am and I get up at 7am.
I can't say that I've felt that much better... but I certainly haven't had much time to listen to podcasts, blog, and do some of the creative thinking that seems to come alive from 11pm on.

Well thats me. Hey, I just realized today that I haven't been twittering... I had just totally forgotten about it over last weekend and that was the last that I had thought about it... I better go and do an entry right now... hold on, I'll be back in a sec.
Oh heck, its been so long that I've even forgotten my password! shameful : ) By the way, have you checked out my (now) newly updated twitter? Click HERE to check it out.

I read a great thought from Rick Warren today. I can't remember the magazine that I was reading and I don't have it to give you a direct quote but it went something like this:
Life is a series of problems. Either you are right in the middle of one now, or you are just coming through it or are about to enter one. In life we constantly face problems because God is more interested in our character than our happiness.
What a great thought! And how relevant to our discussion on living with the Babylonian mindset that says at all cost we must cling to comfort. But the truth is that we cannot follow God and hold to comfort at the same time. look anywhere in the Bible and you will find God stretching people right out of their comfort zones. How odd that today we have leaders who want to speak and influence others ... but who desire to do it cheaply. Who are we trying to kid anyway?!

Let me know your thoughts :P


Anonymous said...

"Life is a series of problems..." I prefer to think of as "life is a series of little deaths and resurrections". By thinking of it in this way I think that when working pastorally, it is easier for people to reframe their problems in a positive light and relate suffering to Christ's experience. Going through the fire refines us and builds character. Rather than going from problem to problem, which sounds like a drag, we are continually dying to old things and rising to new things and new levels i.e. jobs, relocations, relationships, personal issues, losses. I think this puts a growth perspective on suffering, problems and challenges. Doesn't necessarily make it easy but does bring people back to God, a spiritual perspective and enables people to focus more towards the positive side of pushing through difficult times.

I hope what I'm trying to say is coming across clearly as it is late ... but I do agree with the thought that I don't feel any better going to bed earlier either :-).

About Fuel said...

hey found this delicous thing to preach from. the site it pure gold... NOT! but amusing to answer some of the question they have. any way check this blog out

it would be cool to preach this at a 6pm and be honest.

hmm let me know what ya think.

HeIsSailing said...

about fuel,
what questions did de-converts pose that you found amusing? Speaking of being honest, what honest answers do you have for those honestly amusing questions?

Clive Smit, your posted comment has received a few replies. You might want to check them out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clive
I say 6 hours sleep and creative thinking time is way better than 8 hours sleep! Or start listening to the podcasts at the gym, thats when I do. I am running out, you should email me some good ones :D

About Fuel said...


i actually hadn't read much of the site or comments and so i misjudged. ive been reading the comments and it is very good stuff. Most people sound well educated and actually knowledgeable. I find usually that people just like to poke shots at christians or the bible. but the comments i read are actually very solid.

In fact, i would be blown out of the water by many of the questions. Im 23, been to 1 yr of bible college and don't really know much.

I do have a love for the bible and as most of Christian Idea "should" be drawn from that i will continue to read. but for now will stay silent with my inept comments.

Sorry for suggesting that the questions were amusing. I know now that the site is for actual people who care about truth and not just bored hill billys wanting to write about anything.

hope that helps.

HeIsSailing said...

about fuel,
thank you for the awknowledgment that us de-converts are not simply trivializing the matter. I am no longer a contributor to, but the articles that I wrote were definitely written with sincerity - many with pain at leaving my faith. I left Christianity at the age of 42 years after having been a devout believer my entire life. To change your entire religious and philosophical outlook on life that you have held for that long, while dragging along your confused family and loved ones for the ride is not something I would wish on anyone. It is not a trivial matter - but it is a journey many of us have had to go through. So thank you for awknowledging that we are not children merely taking potshots at Christians.