Saturday, 22 March 2008

When Laziness Pays

Today I was reminded that yes... laziness does have a big pay-off.
Let me offer some context. I was painting our fence today, rolling it with an ash-black stain. Now I had previously bought myself an electric spray gun in anticipation for this job. However, the advice I received in the shop was to roller the first coat. Hey what do I know, so i followed the advice... and nearly 4 hours later I had completed the first 20m section. 4 hours later!

Totally demoralized at the length of this project I began to wonder about how the electric spray gun would fair. My laziness was kicking in and I was irritated with the slog of having to roller the fence. I still had 50m to go!
The problem was that this last 50m of fencing had fairly big gaps between the palings... so I had previously ruled out the use of the electric spray gun as I did not want to affect my neighbors side of the fence.
After some tossing and turning my deliberating gave out to my lazy streak. In just 1 hour I had completed the next 20m section! And I had used far less paint!

Laziness pays! It prevents us from always sticking to convention. It causes us to get creative and find other solutions.
In life we need to learn to work smarter... not harder.
In ministry, we need to learn to work smarter... not harder.

What am routines and conventions are you stuck in right now?
Are there any areas where you could work smarter?
Let your lazy side kick in... and let your creative juices flow!

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