Monday, 3 March 2008

Ministry And Blogging - Is It A Tool Or A Toy?

As I mentioned in my last post I am busy reading the book, 'The Blogging Church'.
It really is a great book and today I wanted to continue to share some of the insights that the book has to offer:

In ministry there are plenty of 'trendy things' that flash on to the scene promising to be the thing that will revolutionize your ministry... and the question that we need to ask is: 'Will blogging just be another flash in the pan here today gone tomorrow ministry tools?' Or to shoot straight from the hip, is blogging a tool or a toy?

Well lets look at the definitions and I'll leave the decision making process up to you.

What is a toy?
A toy is something that you want to play with more than you want to use. You know it's a toy when the reason you want it is because 'everyone' has one.

What is a tool?
A tool is something that solves a problem.

So what are your thoughts on blogging? Is it a tool or just a fancy new toy?

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