Monday, 19 November 2007

Pathways to the Divine - Part 1

We started a new series at Eastside Apostolic Church this weekend called Pathways to the Divine.
I am so excited about this series because I truly believe that it is going to release alot of people in to a freedom that they haven't experienced before.

We have a God who has gone to every length to connect with us... our Father loved us sooo much that He gave His only son... full knowing what would happen.
Jesus took on the restrictive form of a human... and a baby at that, suffered abuse at the hands of His creation and was crucified on a cross (the most humiliating form of capital punishment)... but even that pales in comparison to Jesus taking on the sin of the world upon Himself. It was unthinkable... unimaginable.

Zep 3:17 CEV
(17) The LORD your God wins victory after victory and is always with you. He celebrates and sings because of you, and he will refresh your life with his love."
I love this verse, it describes God's excitement over us. The Hebrew describes God spinning around because of His overwhelming joy and excitement.

God has gone to every length to connect with us... yet the truth is that many of us really battle to connect with Him.

This series proposes that the reason for this is simply that we are trying to connect with God on someone else's pathway.
Perhaps we've modeled someone we respect or a friend or whatever. But what if their way of connecting with God is not your way? We have all been made uniquely right.

So over the next 3 weeks we will be looking at 9 pathways that we connect with God on. These 9 pathways have been adapted from Gary Thomas' book called 'Sacred Pathways'.

I look forward to hearing your comments : )

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