Friday, 2 November 2007

Evaluation Colin Powell Style

As you may be well aware, I have been reading a book called Leadership Secrets Of Colin Powell. I wanted to share another exert from the book:

"In such a climate, the most important question in performance evaluation is no longer 'how well have you performed your job since we have last met?' Instead it's, 'How much have you changed your job?' What exciting new initiatives have you launched? What new projects have you started? ... What new skills and competencies have you learned and how have you applied them to improving things around here? Which of last years job responsibilities have you delegated, outsourced, automated or eliminated and what new responsibilities have you snared?... And people who can answer those kinds of questions assure themselves of growth, development and authority within their organization."

Reading all this really excited me as I sat in the Eastside Church's staff meeting and listened to the Heads of department share on their 07. I was amazed at the number of new initiatives! Good on the team for not growing complacent and just giving things a go!

What are your thoughts?

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Glenn said...

Speaking of good quotes I heard a good story the other day:

A christian guy was getting his haircut at by a barber when the subject of God came up, the barber said "I dont believe in God at all, with the things ive been through and all the suffering in the world how could God exist?". The christian guy doesnt have much of an answer but after he had paid for the haircut and was about to leave he saw a rugged unkept homeless man out the front window with scuffy dirty facial hair, he turns around and says "I dont believe in Barbers" pointing to the homeless guy outside "How can there be people like that in the world if barbers existed".
"He wouldnt be like that if he came to me.." the barber replied
the christian said "Its the same with God"