Monday, 29 October 2007

To Grow... Evaluate Constantly

I have just read Jeremy Sargents blog... and i thought I should write a little something on the subject too. Click here to read Jeremy's blog.

I believe that evaluation is a key tool to making sure that I don't drift off and loose focus.
One of the laws of quantum physics is that the universe constantly moves towards chaos. If you've ever spent time gardening you know exactly what I mean. Leave it for 2 weeks... and the weeds begin to take over, the grass becomes a jungle, the beautifully trimmed hedge becomes a piece of abstract art...

I have 2 main sets of questions that I use.

Both are taken from Bill Hybels:

I'm not abiding in Christ when...
  1. I go through most of the day or week pre-occupied with self concerns
  2. I go through long periods of time with no promptings or convictions from the Holy Spirit
  3. I go through long periods without being concerned for the poor
  4. I go through long periods of time not being broken for the Lost
  5. I can sit through worship sessions without being stirred to worship and honour God
  6. I am easily angered when corrected
Here is my next list of questions...
  1. Is my calling sure?
  2. Is my vision clear?
  3. Is my passion hot?
  4. Am I developing my gifts?
  5. Is my character submitted to Christ?
  6. Is my pride subdued?
  7. Am I overcoming fear?
  8. Are interior issues undermining my leadership?
  9. Is my pace sustainable?
  10. Is my love for God and people increasing?
How do you evaluate your life and how often?
I look forward to your comments : )

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Kev (LifeChangers Church) said...

Heard a great diagnostic toolkit illustration based on comparing your life or even the church's life to a corpse

A couple things to evaluate yourself on:

1. Is there movement or has rigamortis set in
2. Is there a heartbeat (for the community etc.)
3. Is there a pulse
4. Is there breath (power of God, H/S)