Monday, 1 October 2007

The Sky Is The Limit!

I have been intrigued over the last week about the contents of my previous blog... where Kyle MacDonald through 14 trades traded a single red paper clip for a 1 year lease on a house in Canada!
It got me thinking... what exactly is possible? With a little creativity what could we achieve?

Then my mate Stuart Buchanan gave me an invite to his 21st. Check out the pics below of his invite.

21st are traditionally a time that focuses and celebrates the individuals journey thus far.
Stu has turned this on its head... he has invited his mates to get into teams of 4... to go and do good deeds... to take photos etc of the good deeds... and then to share what was done at his 21st. What an awesome idea!!! Imagine the good that will come of that!

What possibilities lie before us if we are willing to be creative and think outside of the box?
I hope you and I will venture there!


Cat said...

That I must say is O for AWESOME!!! Clever guy this Stu person ;)

Anonymous said...

That's phat, what a great idea, just imagine we can do this at all of out key birthday's 25, 50, 60, 75, 100