Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Moscow Rules - Part 3

Yesterday we covered the 2nd of the Moscow Rules... and today we are looking at the 3rd. So just to recap on those 10 rules:
1. Know Your Mission
2. Gather Intelligence
3. Maintain A Natural Pace
4. Vary Your Pattern
5. Blend Into The Crowd
6. Be Aware Of Your Environment At All Times
7. Avoid Defensiveness At All Times
8. Assume That You're Under Servailence
9. Never Go Against Your Gut
10. Never Look Back

Maintain a natural pace... thats easier said than done in our crazy paced culture.
We glee over telling one-another how busy we are... but is our busyness something to smugly gloat over? Perhaps its this very busyness that killing the work of God in us!

Some thoughts from Mark Batterson:
  • Study less and live more (not just a sermon well preached but a life well lived)
  • Balance between family and ministry
  • Balancing act between work & play
In our own ministries, we encourage our leaders to only be out at church activities 3 nights a week (1ce for life group, 1ce for Department service & 1ce for church service). We want our leaders to live balanced lives, to have time for family, mates and those who don't yet know Christ.
This has meant that we've had to do some serious shifting of various activities, but people's balance and personal spiritual health is of the utmost importance to us!
We've had plenty of leaders starting all keen and being involved 5 sometimes 6 nights a week... but these people soon burnout and shrivel back.
Serving God is a life long commitment... we need to pace ourselves accordingly.

How are you at pacing yourself?
What tips / habits have you developed in this area?

I look forward to your comments : )

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