Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Moscow Rules - Part 2

Well for those of you who read yesterdays blog... I'm addicted to Alias... and just last night finished watching the 4th season. Now I'm waiting for the video store to buy in the 5th.

Yesterday we covered the 1st of the Moscow Rules... and today we are looking at the 2nd. So just to recap on those 10 rules:
1. Know Your Mission
2. Gather Intelligence
3. Maintain A Natural Pace
4. Vary Your Pattern
5. Blend Into The Crowd
6. Be Aware Of Your Environment At All Times
7. Avoid Defensiveness At All Times
8. Assume That You're Under Survelience
9. Never Go Against Your Gut
10. Never Look Back

So rule 2, gather intelligence... how can we apply this to our leadership?
Intelligence gathering is key to espionage... and it should be key to our faith.
Today the church suffers from both perceived and real irrelevance.
Are we answering the right questions? I know we always say that we have the answer... but apparently weren't answering the questions that the 'world' is asking.
Now I agree that part of the problem is that the 'world' isn't asking the right questions, but that ain't gonna change!
Can you imagine a fisherman not putting bait on their hook. We need to bait or make our presentation relevant to our audience (which should not be the church according to rule 1!)

The truth is irrelevance is irreverence!
God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent as well as omnirelevant! And so should the church be.

Today the prophets of our culture are the movies and music!
We should use these modern day 'prophets' to preach the good news to our culture!
Thats why in our youth youth ministry we did a series called mixed tape where we took secular music and preached off it... from Foo Fighters to Incubus, etc. we discovered some great spiritual truths.

But the church's preaching is just one aspect...
How is your life relevant to those outside of your faith?
Do you use the modern 'prophets' to create spiritual conversations?

I'd love to hear your comments : )

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